HCI-DC 2010 Recap

WWHI Hosts Inaugural Health Care Innovation Day (HCI-DC)

October 12 – Washington, DC

The West Wireless Health Institute welcomed policymakers, health care industry leaders, innovators and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials to its inaugural Health Care Innovation Day (HCI-DC) on October 12, 2010.

Approximately 340 people participated in the event, in person and via webcast. Attendees represented eight federal agencies and a diverse group of public and private stakeholders. In addition, 30 companies demonstrated the breadth of wireless and mobile health technology. All of this with the goal of enabling a thriving ecosystem and spurring innovations that will make it easier – and more cost-effective – to deliver health care to veterans and all Americans.

To highlight and promote participation in the Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2), WWHI issued a $10,000 challenge to innovators to create an original wireless sensor or application that connects patients with their Veterans Health Care provider and targets one or more identified health conditions affecting veterans, such as polytrauma. Click here for more details.

Featured Speakers:

  • Don Casey, Chief Executive Officer, WWHI
  • W. Scott Gould, Deputy Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer and Associate Director for Technology, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Dr. Adam Darkins, Chief Consultant for Telehealth Services, VA
  • Dr. Peter Levin, Chief Technology Officer, VA
  • Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Mr. Jonah J. Czerwinski, Director, VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2)
  • Dr. Joseph Smith, Chief Medical and Science Officer, WWHI


Don Casey welcomes attendees to HCI DC and announces the WWHI/VAi2 Challenge. Deputy Secretary Scott Gould, Dr. Peter Levin, and Aneesh Chopra deliver keynote remarks.

“We will declare this day a success if one new start up got to meet one new policy maker and talk about how you can accelerate activity that will allow us to deliver great healthcare at a lower cost,” said Casey. Deputy Secretary W. Scott Gould discusses the imperative for innovation and wireless technology in addressing the health care needs of the country’s Veteran population. Dr. Peter Levin demonstrates techniques for using technology to increase transparency and create cultural transformation within the VA. And Aneesh Chopra describes the essential role of wireless technology in supporting “results driven ecosystems.”

Dr. Joe Smith and Dr. Adam Darkins present their unique perspectives on innovation taking place at the intersection of medicine and technology.

Dr. Joe Smith examines the collision of chronic disease, constraints on capacity, and high costs and the ways that innovations in wireless health technology can meet these challenges. Dr. Adam Darkins presents findings from the seminal VA Care Coordination and Telehealth program, with suggestions about how these programs can evolve going forward.

Mike O'Neill, Senior Advisor at VAi2, leads a panel discussion, "Telehealth Today, Wireless Innovations Tomorrow."

Mike O’Neill and panelists, Adrian Atizado, COL Ronald K. Poropatich, Dr. Zia Agha, and Tom Tarantino consider veterans’ perspectives on using telehealth and wireless technology to manage the full spectrum of health care needs.

Todd Park delivers remarks on collaboration between the public and private sectors and moderates a panel, "Driving the Discussion on Innovation between Industry and Government."

Todd Park describes a “self propelled ecosystem of health data.” Panelists Dr. Carol Diamond, Dr. Farzad Mostashari, Dr. Bern Shen, and Dane Stout contribute their input on how the private and public sectors can most effectively come together to improve health care by accelerating innovation.

Jonah Czerwinski describes the scope and purpose of VAi2. Don Casey leads a panel discussion, "Wireless Health Care Innovators," and delivers closing remarks.

Jonah Czerwinski discusses how issues of quality, access, cost, and performance are being addressed through innovation at the VA. Don invites panelists Matthew Holt, Ryan Sysko, Tom Watlington, and Dr. Ronald Schutz to weigh in on developing innovative new technologies and bringing them to market.



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